Structured Finance (Tailor-Made Project Finance)

Who is this product for?

For people in need of personalized solutions we offer Structured Finance - tailor-made financing. It can be a completely new proposition or mixture of other solutions that we offer.

If you are an INDIE studio, check if you meet the criteria.


How much money can I receive?

Up to 1m PLN.

What can I use the received funds for?

You can use them for mutually agreed business purposes.

How soon will I get an offer?

Usually it takes between one or two weeks depending on how complicated the financing is.

How is FinGames financing repaid?

Based on a mutually agreed schedule that takes into account your needs and capabilities.

Main advantages of Structured Finance

Smart money

Financing of the most interesting and challenging projects - together we will find the solution to how to finance your most ambitious games.

Lack of revenue shares – upside potential unlock

We will never take your project upside away. No matter how risky the project is, you will always be the biggest beneficiary.

Your own payment schedule

Repayment in accordance with a mutually agreed schedule prepared for your needs and financial capacity.

Instant reaction

We act very fast - in extreme cases, we are able to arrange financing in a few days.

If you have any questions, contact us!